Your reconnection with nature

By Joia

Have you prepped your backpacks for an adventure to Midwest, Oklahoma today? You better have. This trip will sweep you off your feet (both figurative and literally speaking).

Let’s try keeping our clothes dry first. On your first few hours setting foot in this city, you may want to have a peek at what things used to be from way back. The Oklahoma City National and Memorial Museum gives you a ticket down to memory lane as you discover the greats and classics this place has to offer. They offer not just informative but also, interactive ways of learning the what and whereabouts of Oklahoma.

So to initially practice your muscles, you may want to give a throw in the bowling lanes and have some stretch. The lanes are open in Altitude 1291. You're into games and still a child at heart? They got you! They have arcades too. They have the games you can pour out the child in you.

Okay, let’s start sweating out and head out to the trails. This place lets you have your pawed travel buddies experience nature with you. It has roughly 3 miles of scenic nature you can sweat out while taking in the clean fresh air it offers.

Getting on the middle of the lake without getting the splash of water? The Brick Town Water Taxi gives you and your family a ride while sharing with you the life of Oklahoma and the beauty that sits on it which keeps travelers going back for more.

You just wanted to strip off the stress and jump into a wet adventure? Lost Lakes Advantage Park is there to catch you. It throws you up in the air and just leaves your heart up there while your body lands on water from a dive. A good way of letting your family swim and enjoy.

These are just a peek of a big adventure that awaits you in the Midwest! Have this as your next travel destination.