By Joia

The most sought-after stress-reliever from the pandemic at this time is having to travel. For most, traveling may be a hassle or a time-consuming way out of stress. But believe me, you don’t need to pay too much for an experience to drive you out of the buzzing noise of the city. You only need to know the where’s and how’s adding a touch of being street-smart. And “voila!”, you are a step closer to your dream staycation.

A good start to place in your bucket list is definitely in Fort Worth, Texas. You can never go wrong having a glance back to the past centuries’ history, architecture and nature. Name it, they all have it.

As Fort Worth opens its gates to your one-of-a-kind travel experience, C.R Smith Museum brings your eyes and mind to a unique ride without having to move your feet from you are standing. Interactive learning makes you want to explore and navigate the world from the pilots’ point of view.

If you are into the artistic side, you can switch from the universe going to the historic ages portrayed into art pieces located in the Amon Carter Museum of American Art. As you draw footsteps into this place, you get to appreciate the renowned artists who put into pictures their passion.

Let’s say you are an active person and more of using your muscles as you tingle your mind. Fort Worth doesn’t dismay. It has The Amazing Scavenger Hunt Adventure that just makes you shake yourself out and get all the wits you packed for this travel into good use. Testing the waters for yourself isn’t so bad after all.

From all the things you may want in your escape, it will be watching how the world can be perfectly calm and relaxing despite the harshness that we humans have shown it. Airfield Falls Conservation Park will leave you in awe of its beauty still being preserved.

These are just the very few highlights of what to see in Fort Worth. Let the experience be the best storyteller of what this city has to offer.