By Joia

When you hear about Texas, they go big on everything. And this is what awaits you as you journey along with the City of Oklahoma.

Let me first take you out of this world and, let’s view the universe. Science Museum Oklahoma just makes set off that spacecraft and drifts you to the galaxy. The experience lends you an opportunity to give science a second chance to love. Going back to the lands of the earth, Myriad Botanical Garden enthusiastically lets you appreciate the greeneries of nature.

So aesthetically speaking, it is nice to see full blooms or everything that has so much life on it. But who knew that just looking into just bones of everything be so satisfying? That is what the Museum of Osteology prides itself. Studying bones and skeletons and having them showcased in place is a work of art and science hugging each other.

Are your brains experiencing info-overload? Well, let’s get on rides to shout them all away! Frontier City houses the rides that will put your smile and game face on.

Speaking of fun, where is music? In OKC, Summer concerts are often held. You get to jump into the beat of your favorite music with your favorite artists from time to time. And this city has on the back for the nightlife you wanted to have to lock your day in Bricktown nightlife. Take a sip of your favorite drink may it be something to pump you up or your caffeine to complete the long day.

Design the trip you wanted, your way. You’ll never view traveling as an expensive thing because the experiences it makes you keep are more than money’s worth. How you start and end your stay will be a blast when you are in the right places in Oklahoma City.