by Mica

It was the same month last year that the world was in shambles. Today, it is no different but there is a new norm everywhere.

But when you look at the last month’s revenue it is clearly different. We’ve had more revenues that you could imagine.

This business has continued to stand on. Competitively combating hotels. We strive to get better in this line where we will offer the most comfort. We've built up from a team of 4 members and now we are combusting with ladies that have the most skills and talents that have been nurtured by the woman behind the scenes, our CEO. Can you imagine that almost a year ago this company had less than 20 units but now it has doubl

Traveling under the mask...

No matter how many flights have been canceled or delayed, guests are still looking for their vacations. Those plane tickets better not be wasted.

Every one of us had different experiences. This has affected everyone in different aspects of their lives but the show must go on.

No matter how hard the world is, people want to get away from the confines of their homes. Now, pack up your luggage and take a look at what we offer.

Travel not to escape life, but so life doesn’t escape you.

Always remember what Dr. Seuss said, because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing.