by: Mica

Mariah (our CEO) has been living in Dallas since November 2018. She's been living in Greenville for a couple of months now. This is the hotspot of food and bars are! She has shared her favorite restaurants or bars just across the street, below her apartment, a minute away even from her home.

Here's the list that you would like to try if I were you:

1. HG (Hunter / Gatherer) Sply Co. 

is a paleo spot, tasty, and has a solid brunch scene as well. Ideal for a good meal or a large party on the roof.

2. Christies Sports Bar & Grill

This popular spot has been closed due to Covid-19, before it was in Uptown and now it is on Greenville! 

3. Dodie's 

a Cajun restaurant and seafood restaurant in the Lower Greenville, Dallas area serving authentic New Orleans cuisine.

4. Terilli's

The dining room has live music every night (except for Mondays), and on Tuesdays they’ve got half priced bottles of wine. 

5. Alamo Club

Alamo Club has impressed diners with its cozy, neighborhood vibe and killer American fare. Dig into expertly prepared steaks, smoky pastrama sandwiches, and roasted chicken, all while sipping the Dak #4, an excellent rum cocktail named for Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott.

6. Halcyon Dallas

Coffeehouse by day, bar & lounge by night where you can always relax and find your own personal “halcyon”. Adding liquor to your favorite caffeine drink! Happy hour is 4pm to 8pm every single day!

7. Sister - NEW

Sister is the latest creation from the Duro team which includes Benji Homsey, Chas Martin, Corbin See and Ross See of Sees Design, and chef-partner J Chastain. It'll feature both Mediterranean- and Italian-inspired neighborhood food including wood-fired meats, fish, and pasta, with a wine list to match.

8. Leela's Wine Bar

Leela's offers 30+ wines on tap and sharable plates such as meat & cheese boards and toasts, all in a light airy environment in Lowest Greenville. Happy hour from 4pm - 6pm M-F $5/glass house tap wines and $7 signature cocktails.

9. Alky Therapy Daiquiris & Desserts (not in Greenville but in Knox Henderson)

a new establishment opened at 3001 Knox St. that'll serve exactly what the name promises: daiquiris and desserts.